Run Rhino run…

16 Aug


Wise words

25 Jun


From a very wise man,




It’s a strange, strange world we live in Master Jack

13 Jun

I don’t know why that song is stuck in my head. I have not heard it in years.


So the English rugby team paid a visit to an orphanage in Soweto today. “It’s so sad to see that look of utter despair and hopelessness in their eyes,” said little Sipho.


In this country when politicians and sport coaches get fired they don’t get all depressed and start hunting for their next job like the rest of us. They shout Laduma!!!!! and start writing out cheques. It is an alternative to winning the Lotto.


It’s a strange world indeed 🙂



Should this ad be aired?

5 Jun

First the SABC refused to air it, then ETV and DSTV followed suit.

This is an extremely sensitive topic. The ad is factual. All whites and blacks were colonialists, except for the Khoisan and that is a historical fact. However, this gives rise to a further debate. As Zuma pointed out in parliament recently, this is not the issue. The issue is how 90% of all land came into possession of the whites. This too is factual, considering legislative restrictions and forced removals.


As much as I enjoy the humour of the ad I feel that it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. We really need to learn when to not push the boundaries before it all  backfires in our faces.


What do you think?

Weekly photo challenge

29 Apr

Together. The bird and the nest he is weaving.

Speedy, agile and lazy.

23 Apr

A Tear

From a distance there is a tear,
Receiving one, but stalking all.
The dark eye watches you from
Within the tall grasses.
Comes closer.
The muscles become tense,
Suddenly there is a dust of speed.
A strong body curved with strength
Gets his one
As he lies with pride,
You will notice
The tear is a cry
For Survival.

Cindy du Toit, Grade 9 (1994)


Weekend photo challenge: Sun

21 Apr

This sun is already quite high so it cannot qualify as a sunrise. As you will see from the top of the photo the sky is clear. There are just a few clouds obstructing the sun.


All is revealed

20 Apr

With referance to my prevoius post, here is the original photo. Unedited.

Photo or oil painting?

19 Apr


What do you think?

Battle of the stripes

15 Apr

 I asked the zebra
are you black with white stripes

or white with black stripes?
and the zebra asked me,
Is a sandwich bread with filling in it?
or filling with bread around it?
Is the sky blue with cloudy patches?
or is it cloudy with blue patches?
Is a witch mean with evil ways?
or is she evil with mean ways?
Is a friesian black with white patches?
or is it white with black patches?
Is a circle a ring with space in it?
or is it space with a ring around it?
Is a tiger brown with yellow stripes?
or is it yellow with brown stripes?
And on and on and on and on,
and on he went.
I’ll never ask a zebra
about stripes

                                 “Nice butt”




                              “Never mind”